Penalties And Interest

Penalties And Interest

The following schedule provides penalty and interest rates for use in calculating the total amount of penalty and interest due on delinquent tax bills. The rates in this schedule do not apply to taxes paid in quarter payments, or to delinquent taxes in years where a successful rollback election was held. Value or exemption changes by the appraisal district may postpone the delinquency date. 

Taxes not paid by January 31 will increase as follows: 

If tax is paid in (MONTH) add: PENALTY + INTEREST = TOTAL PERCENTAGE (listed at right) 

Real property accounts not paid in full by June 30 and Personal Property accounts not paid in full by March 31st in the year in which they become delinquent are referred to the delinquent tax attorneys for collection and incur an additional penalty equal to 15% of the total taxes, penalties and interest due. Any payment on the quarter payment plan that is not paid before the delinquency date for the installment accrues full penalty of 12% immediately, and begins to accrue interest at the rate of 1% per month until paid.

  • February = 7%
  • March = 9%
  • April = 11%
  • May = 13%
  • June = 15%
  • July = 18%

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